We monetize patents

Our company

PAPST LICENSING is a patent monetization company that is operating worldwide. Since 1993, PAPST LICENSING has monetized several hundred patents in the field of electrical engineering and precision mechanical engineering. PAPST LICENSING has since then executed more than 170 license agreements with well-known corporations in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States. In the event of a patent infringement we contact the infringing party directly and start negotiations with them.

PAPST LICENSING has the know-how to track down patent infringements, analyze markets and products, conduct license negotiations and monitor the compliance with license agreements. Our goal is not to prohibit the use of the patent but rather to conclude a license agreement. If negotiations fail, PAPST LICENSING is in the position to fund and effectively complete court proceedings.


Certified economist, managing director and co-owner

Constantin Papst completed his studies of economics at the University of Constance (Germany) as a certified economist in 2000 and started to work for PAPST LICENSING in 2002 after two stays with a family office as well as a tax and audit company. Constantin Papst is in particular responsible for finance and controlling.


Patent attorney, electrical engineer, managing director and co-owner

Daniel Papst completed his studies of electrical engineering and information technology at the University of Karlsruhe (Technical University), Germany, as a certified electrical engineer in 2000 and has been a German patent attorney since 2005. In that year he joined PAPST LICENSING operatively and is member of AIPPI, VPP, VDP, LES and IEEE.


Attorney, in-house counsel and authorized signatory

Tobias Kessler studied law in Heidelberg, Sevilla (Spain) and Freiburg (Germany). He was admitted to the bar in 1995. He worked for two German-Spanish law firms in Barcelona and Wiesbaden before he started as in-house counsel for PAPST LICENSING in 1998.